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Frequently Asked Questions


What is ConnectAnza?

  • ConnectAnza is a state-of-the-art fiber optic based internet service provider, wholly owned and operated by Anza Electric Cooperative, Inc.

Why is Anza Electric involved in this effort?

  • We recognize the need for fast, reliable and affordable internet access for our community.  This extends to businesses and institutions such as schools, libraries, medical facilities and emergency services, as well as in our homes.
  • As the existing electric service provider in the area, we have the already installed infrastructure and in-place service network to make true, affordable broadband-speed internet service available for our members.

How will it work?

  • Just like any Internet Service Provider, our members will receive in-home and business access to the internet. This will be accomplished through the installation of brand new in-home equipment connected to our fiber optic network.

What are Fiber Optics?

  • Consisting of glass fibers the size of a human hair, fiber optic cables account for most of the communications systems in use by the world’s telecommunications networks. Information travels at the speed of light through these cables, far surpassing older copper and wireless systems.

Will my electric bill go up if I don’t subscribe?

  • No. All costs for ConnectAnza will be paid for by our subscribing members.

What will it cost to subscribe?

  • The monthly subscription fee is $49 for a standard residential connection. This will include unlimited data amountsAdditionally, while there will be a $100 deposit for in-home equipment, this will be fully refundable upon disconnection. There will be no installation fees.

How fast is fast?

  • While individual subscriber speeds will vary, our engineering is rated at up to 100 megabits/second connection speeds, upload and download. 

What are the other benefits of ConnectAnza?

  • Speed is only one measurement of performance. ALL of our equipment will be battery backed up for 100% availability in the event of electric service interruption. We view this as critical infrastructure, and recognize the need for reliable communications capability.
  • As a cooperative, we will be able to offer Capital Credits to our members, just like with our electric service. Once we have attained a positive cash flow, we will be able to retire credits back to our members in the form of bill credits.
  • Our system will be built to current telecommunications standards, using state-of-the art equipment.

 Who is eligible to subscribe?

  • Anyone within the reach of our existing service territory.

When will ConnectAnza come to my home?

  • ConnectAnza is currently connecting in multiple areas of Anza, Aguanga and Mountain Center.


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